Social Media Management

We can win followers and turn them into valued customers. By creating meaningful relationships with your target audience and engaging them the correct way we can turn your Instagram into the most effective marketing tool in your online business.

There is a significant opportunity to raise brand awareness and attract new customers to your brand by creating and maintaining a unique Instagram profile. We offer an end to end package from which you can select from:

Content creation - Identify key photographers who will take images in exchange for product which we can then be used in all Instagram and Facebook advertising activities. 

Ongoing Instagram management - We can publish all instagram posts to ensure a brand cohesive story is being told to engage your target market. This ensures your Instagram account remains active and relevant to your followers.

Grow your Instagram - we will identify competitors in the same product / price / customer range and key people who can influence to your brands target audience. We will then set up an automation process of Instagram likes, comments, follows and unfollows to organically grow your Instagram reach.